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I know - every second person is riddled at the moment or recovering from the vid. It’s everywhere and it’s messing with our schedules. But how do you get back in to your usual routine once it’s time for you to escape from your sofa?

First things first, progress slowly. Whatever state you’re moving away from, it should be gradual. If you’ve just spent a fortnight dribbling on yourself in your bed, then jumping out of the door on Day 14 and straight into a HIIT class isn’t your best shout. Start walking, build up slowly to resistance workouts at 40-60% of your usual intensity or try low-moderate intensity cardio…. All for less time than usual. Listen to your body and build it up gradually.

Monitor your recovery. If you feel like absolute dog shit after a workout, then chances are it was a bit much. Leave more time than usual in between each workout and dial it back on your next sesh. You might bounce straight back, awesome, good for you, that’s epic, but some folk might take a few weeks to get back to normal and that’s ok too.

Monitor your cardiovascular performance. Struggling to catch your breath? That’s understandable. Pull the intensity down a little. Start with a workout level where it feels like you’re raising your pulse rate a little and regaining your fitness levels, but not working so hard that you feel like you’ve been smacked with a stick in the rib cage. Feeling like the air has been sucked from your body is not what we are after, progress gradually and give yourself time to get back to running the 100 metres in 12 seconds.

Sort out your nutrition. You know everyone harps on about eating a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and smothered in vegetables? It’s for this moment. It’s time to give your awesome body everything it needs to keep your energy levels up and to get back to being fight ready. Keep your protein high to preserve your muscle mass whilst you can’t work out as hard as usual, drink plenty of water and smother yourself in the jus of a nectarine.

Lifting weights? Increase the length of your rest sets, lift lighter weights for the same repetitions as usual (or slightly fewer), perform fewer working sets and leave longer recovery periods between workouts. Normally train legs 48 hours after the first sesh? Then leave it an extra day. Regaining your strength is important, but it’ll be gradual so cut yourself some slack and let your body get back into its groove.

Likely to use this as an excuse to get 4 more weeks in bed? Then up you get, slip into your best lycra and start building up your movement gradually… yeah you need to look after yourself, but you also need a wash and to start feeling like you again. So let’s go. Right now. Turn the shower on and brush your barnet. It’s for the greater good.

I know it’s frustrating and I know it can seem like a long project but it’s worth it in the long run. Taking care of your body during its recovery will pave the way down the line…. Plus we don’t want this feeling to hang around longer than it has to.

Fancy getting a free class for you and your entire workplace? Then drop me an email and I’ll hook you up!


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