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Getting moving again after lockdown

Yeah, it’s been a WEIRD time…. We’re celebrating having our freedom back and we are relishing in the opportunity to build a lifestyle from almost scratch. Balancing that constant rushing around with some down time, more time with our families and friends and being able to enjoy kicking back with our feet up.

It seems like the life we used to have was all a mad rush, followed by a couple of years of missing out. It comes as no surprise that we want to make the most of our social time and doing the things that we love and make us feel relaxed.

I can’t argue with that. I feel it too. I point blank refuse to work at the weekend now. The minute my PT clients finish at midday on a Saturday, my phone goes on Do Not Disturb and I enjoy some no screen time. There are parts of the last couple of years we don’t want to let go of, and one of those is a quieter lifestyle where we do not forget to appreciate the small things.

For some people, in fact more than some, this has rolled over in to a much more sedentary lifestyle where relaxation and socialising is key. Understandable, it’s amazing to have time to really enjoy the people and things around us. But for some of those people, the balance has tipped.

Folk may no longer feel like they are prioritising their health and wellness. There are more nights in in front of the TV, more takeaways & sharing bags on the sofa. And that’s all good. Until it isn’t.

There is much that can be said for striving to get that lifestyle balance so we’re not rushing around everywhere, we’re enjoying our social lives and nights on the sofa…. But we are also looking after ourselves and our incredible bodies. We don’t need to be Britain’s Next Top Athlete with a bulging six pack and an arse you could crack nuts with in order to feel fit and healthy.

And that’s why I started a free 7 day challenge on Monday. Feeling fit doesn’t have to come with the price tag of no social life and no downtime. It can simply be something that we invest enough time in to ensure we feel great, but not so much time that we feel under pressure again.

We’ve been fitting in extra steps this week, 18-20 minute workouts daily and trying to eat more protein, fruit & veg and drink water. It’s not the training program of a Premiership footballer. But we’re not premiership footballers… we’re just folk who want to move more, feel strong and get a polite but firm rocket inserted into our cavity to help us get the show on the road.

A huge thanks to everyone who has joined me this week - all 80 of you. It’s been a real privilege to read all your daily updates… and believe me, I read them all. Every night when I finish teaching :)

For anyone who missed out, stay tuned, I’m sure Ill do another one later on this year and maybe this time it’ll have your name on it!

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13 apr 2023

Hey everyone!

I recently came across this thread discussing fitness workouts for women, and I thought I'd share some of my experiences and tips for success. As a fitness enthusiast and trainer, I've worked with numerous women to help them achieve their workout goals and become stronger, healthier versions of themselves.

  1. Individualize your workout plan: Every person is unique, and so should be their workout plan. Take into consideration your fitness level, personal goals, and any medical conditions or physical limitations you may have. Don't be afraid to consult with a professional to help design a plan tailored to your needs.

  2. Focus on compound exercises: Compound exercises, like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, work multiple muscle groups simultaneously. These exercises…

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29 apr 2022

It really has been great. Simple changes but still making a big difference. Thanks Anna.

Mi piace
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