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Which Dance Fitness Class Should I Choose?

Yeaaaahhhhhaaaaa, I am a MAHOOSIVE advocate of dance fitness.... there aren't many other ways I would choose to get my cardio fix I can tell you that for free!

But how on earth do you choose what to come to? Here is a sexy little grid to help get you started!

There are two key factors when choosing your class.... how much you want to sweat... and how complex the choreography is.

Clubbercise is super easy to follow, it's more the aerobics end of dance fitness.... this means you can go nuts (if you want to), jump high and wave your glowsticks around like a sweaty ninja.

Hype Dance Fit is created by Anna in house! It has more dancey choreography, so whilst it's still easy to follow it's aimed at those with a little experience who want to feel like they are in a music video! To top it off, it's pretty darn sweaty!

Zumba Fitness is a latin inspired dance fitness class which is easy to follow once you have the steps, it's a great cardio workout, making you glow rather than look

like a wet dog.


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