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Some days you feel great and you perform even better. Some days you feel great and you don’t perform at all. Some days you feel meh and you workout like an Olympic athlete. Some days you feel meh and you go through the motions. The thing that really matters is that 90% of the time you train anyway. If we waited for the day we felt on top of the world, we would never have a great session. We would never gain strength, or commitment or improve our discipline.

It might be you dial back your session to 50-60%. It might be that you switch up your workout format to fit in with how your body is feeling. It might be that you gradually learn the different between 'not feeling like it' versus 'needing to rest today'.

I feel like a bag of old cr*p today. Real talk. I’ve worked every day in March bar one, I’ve had covid and I’ve just about finished the job by working away this weekend at an event. I could have easily sat on the sofa in between my clients instead of training, but I knew them the rest of my day would follow the same pathway - a lacklustre performance from me and not feeling like I’ve accomplished anything. So I trained anyway… and no it wasn’t my best ever session but I did manage 4 sets of 4 pull-ups which is an all time PB. At least I’m walking away patting myself on the back.

And that’s half of the battle. So many times we tell ourselves we can’t do something, We put ourselves down or we fear that we won’t be able to do something so we don’t try. But it’s the trying that starts to move us from A to B, that shifts us forward in the pursuit of our goals and desires.

No-one can just become magically awesome at something. It takes time and persistence to get to where we want to be. We have to put in the ground work in order to move ourselves along the path to feeling like a fitness ninja.

So today, if you know you’re not in that 10% where you REALLY just need to go to bed, think about what magic might happen if you workout anyway. The people that you might meet, the experiences you might have, the confidence you might build in your own ability to do something, the discipline that you’re installing in yourself…… the fact that you’re prioritising yourself for once over work or other people’s needs.

You matter. Your goals matter. Your health matters and the feeling of confidence and accomplishment matters.

You deserve to high five yourself today, for being a bad ass fitness ninja.

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Sweaty love,



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