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1. Stop ‘thinking’ and do…

99% of people think they are missing some more complicated secret formula. Something that someone who slides in to their DMs is going to have. There isn’t one. Do cardio, do some resistance and eat 70% ‘healthy’ food. Consistently. The maths really is that simple.

2. It’s more about mindset than maths

If the maths is that simple, then everyone would feel flexy right? Not true. Most folk want a quick fix so they can see it's working straight away. We have them in every other situation so why can’t we have one for health? Because our bodies don’t work like that - we took a while to get them feeling a bit rubbish, so it’s going to take a while to get them back out. Setting ourselves a realistic time frame so we are only PROUD of, and not disappointed in, ourselves is where it’s at.

3. Be realistic

Whether it’s feeling fitter, building muscle or losing weight, all require significant investments of time and consistency. There is no two ways about it. If we set those realistic goals in terms of workout frequency and expected time frames for results only good things will happen. And those good things will involve us giving ourselves a pat on the back for our hard work - rather than a slap round the face for not becoming a fitness influencer in 2 weeks.

4. Question

Yourself. Your brain will tell you can’t do things but that’s literally all in you head. Yes we have to be realistic and we increase our work rate slowly but your body is an INCREDIBLE piece of machinery, whether you think so or not. When your brain tells you’re not capable, question it. Is your brain lying to you? Or is it simply telling you you’re not capable ‘right now’. Focus on what you ARE doing rather than what you’re not and let those endorphins take over.

5. Reach out

Google has every piece of fitness research ever released at the touch of a button. You can find out anything you want at any time of the day. But you can’t always apply it to yourself…. And you don’t always feel like you can do it alone. But the fitness industry have got you. Once you find someone that resonates with you ASK them your questions. That’s what we are here for - to help you feel knowledgable and successful.

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