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Top 5 things to do to get the body you want

1. Lift stuff

Whether it's a child, dumbbells or your own bodyweight, resistance training is where it's at. Gone are the days where we flap around a 1kg dumbbell and expect to get arms like a ninja. We know more about how our body functions and we know we need to stimulate it to get the results we want! That means encouraging it to be more toned and chiselled by lumping around some heavy stuff! Regularly and consistently.

2. Keeping our heart healthy

We can do this by performing cardio based exercise (elevating the pulse rate) several times a week. Every week. Every year. Our heart is a muscle and it needs using through it's different 'settings', it likes to chill out, but it also likes to be trained to work a little harder. Just like the rest of our body!

3. Eating well

Quite frequently we either each too much of the wrong stuff OR we eat too little.... so we are constantly swinging between one and the other. Trying to find a balance will massively help.... as well as eating more protein and learning what else our body needs and when. Check out this article for more information!

4. Sleeping

Yup, you heard it here first. Getting a proper nights sleep enables your body to make magic happen! Including weight loss and muscle gain! Making sure you get enough hours in EVERY night will help to create the perfect environment for change!

5. Rest

Oh mi goodness what is going on!! But yes it is true, we need a couple of rest days a week in order to get the gains! So choose your workout days, commit to them, work hard on those days.... and then take it easy on the days when you are not training. The gains will be tenfold if you allow your body to recover in between workouts. nb. this is not an excuse to eat crap lol!

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