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The Power of Community

I LOVE fitness - I love teaching it, I love doing it, I love learning about it. It makes me happy to help people get fitter and healthier than they ever have before. To see them begin to feel more confident and to walk around with a bit of sass in their step knowing that they have achieved something that previously they would have though impossible. For me, there is nothing more satisfying.

The thing is, it isn't just the instructor and the person in question that has helped to move the needle. It is the whole community.

In every class there are friendly faces. Faces that will learn your name if you give them the chance. Faces that will be there to pat you on the back, to help motivate you to finish your set or to come to a dance fitness class when you can barely manage to clap in time to music. These faces are what make people come back time and time again. Friendships are made. DMs and messages are sent outside of class. Holiday photos are commented on. Trips to the pub are made. THIS is what is know as our fitfam.

Our fitfam is the family we all make from within our fitness circle. They may have NOTHING in common with you outside of that room. They may not be the person you want to go on holiday with or spend 6 days locked in a cabin on a cruise with. But for those few hours every week, they have your back. For ever second, of every minute, of every class. They are rooting for you every step of the way.

The instructor has a vibe. Yes, this is true. They put out how they want the classes to feel. They hope that the way they communicate and the information they give, will help to create the energy and the feels they would love to see within the room. The instructor alone cannot make that magic happen. THAT is where the community comes in. You guys are the ones that make the difference. You are the ones that people will come back for when they are nervous, when their friend can't make it. You are the ones that make the newbies feel super welcome, that invite them to be your partner so they don't feel awkward. You are the ones that stand around chatting in the car park after class, that message each other when you couldn't make it to let each other know that you have been missed. You are the ones that comment and encourage when someone is feeling low and needs some support. You are the ones that post 48,000 messages in my Facebook group and make up chants and songs about what classes you want on the timetable 😂😂

Without you guys there, the instructor is just some random, prancing about on a stage. Group Exercise is nothing without every single one of your amazing faces, dripping with sweat and sighing at me when I tell you we are going again. The whoops and cheers and dry humping are nada without you all unleashing your own version of fun all over the walls. The level of support that I can give as one person is nothing without all of you there to back me up.

There are no words for how absolutely lucky and privileged I feel to be able to work in fitness, and to be able to do it with a squad so incredible that every night I leave feeling like I've just won the lottery.

So to all the people who are thinking about coming but are too nervous.... don't be. Every single person in the room will be rooting for you to come back. They will give you a smile, a nudge, a hello. They will be there next to you screaming like a banshee when their fave tune comes on. They'll check you're ok after you have to get some air after you picked the hardest class on the timetable for your first fitness comeback since circa 1998. Come join us for some sweaty madness.... these guys might just be the best humans on the planet 😍😍😍😍

Anna Martin

Personal Trainer, Group Ex Geek and general lover of everything fitness!

Master Trainer, Choreographer and Presenter for Clubbercise

Creator of Always Moving Forward Instructor Site


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