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No More Excuses - Nutritional Mindset

Yup, I'm sure you expecting me to berate you for not being gods and goddesses of all things nutritional. And yes, it would be a lot easier for every PT in the world, if everyone did exactly what they were told and yes, you would reach your body composition goals that bit faster, however we all have lives, and we all have a certain amount of sustained concentration we are willing to put into something at any given point in our lives. Live and let live and all that jazz.

What this article is actually about is the way we speak about the things we want.

Have you ever noticed that you make excuses for yourself and your life choices?

"No Mary, I won't have that extra biscuit, I'm on this stupid diet."

"I would have another giant sized portion of cheesy fries just because you are having one but I have to weigh-in tomorrow and my trainer is really aggressive and she'll stop training me, kidnap my family AND set fire to my dog if I've put on a gram"

"I can come out for your birthday but 30 minutes after the start time.... why? Ohhhh because its my exercise class and I always take Tina so I need to drop her back but I will TOTALLY TOTALLY be there 29 minutes after you start. Actually Tina can hitchhike. I'll stop doing the thing that's important to me in order to arrive at your inconveniently timed mid-week birthday drink (because that's the ONLY night you were willing to give up to see me) at exactly the requested time because I don't want to look like the awkward one"

Sound familiar?


We make excuses so that we can try to make other people relate to the thing we are doing. Although, they don't. Because otherwise they wouldn't need the excuse, they would just understand straight off. No-one wants to be the friend that steps outside of the social norms.

There is NOTHING WRONG with Mary eating the family sized tub of biscuits if that is what she wants. Likewise, there is nothing wrong with Bruce wanting to do a mid-week birthday celebration because that is what fits in with HIS life, and so he can still fit in the whole weekend with his family.... this family are important to him, he can plan his life how he likes. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU DOING WHAT IT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU TOO!

Everyone makes their own decisions and prioritises their own shizzle. And so they should. We all give importance to different things, at different times in our lives. We are all nice people. We are not saying that other people/things are NOT important to us, they are just less important than our 1 day old new born baby and the wife that popped out his giant head. And that is OK right?

So if we have decided that our health and wellbeing need to be one of our top priorities, how about we give ourselves permission to do that? With no excuses needed to be made to anyone, for anything.

It isn't about showing off, or being a fitness Hitler or never prioritising other people. But it is about being able to make our own decisions WITHOUT feeling the need to justify it to other people. We can say no to second helpings without worrying that we are offending people. We can talk about nutrition without worrying that people are going to think that we think we are the dog's doodah's just because we bought a high protein yoghurt. We can go out with our friends and have a great time AND manage to fit our workout in before hand (because we know Bruce is always late anyway) and we can just say it was our choice, rather than trying to make an excuse or blame someone else.

All we need to do is be able to communicate without justifying ourself and without lecturing. If your friend asks you over for a Love Island binge watch but you know they always do deep-fried Mars Bars as a starter, how about just dropping them a message "Hey Penelope, can't wait to see you Friday! Just to let you know, deep fried shizzle is off the menu for me at the moment but you crack on. I'll bring some tasty treats that fit in the nutritional magic I'm on at the moment, and we can get stuck into working out who is the biggest dirtbag on the show. Did you want me to bring any drinks?"

It can take some folk time to adjust to our lifestyle changes. And that's fine. We don't begrudge them an adjustment period. But people who really love and respect us will be (eventually) perfectly happy for us to do what sets our soul on fire. And what will make us live a longer, happier, more fulfilled life, for ourselves and for the folk who are our top priorities.

Positivity breeds positivity..... let's not talk down the thing that is making our lives a happier place at this point in time!

Happy living your own magic 💜💜💜💜

Anna is a personal trainer and group exercise specialist.

Visit to learn more about her classes or if you are a group exercise instructor.

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