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Learn how to salsa - Zumba style!

The AMF crew do love a bit of Zumba - it is the longest standing class on the timetable... Zumba was the first fitness class I ever taught 8 years ago and was the platform for a whole lot of other fitness shizzle that was to follow!

Now, for the most part it is super simple to follow, but just occasionally the salsa steps can prove a little trickier than the steps from the other rhythms! Check out these vids to get your footwork nailed!

Here is there side to side basic salsa.... in Zumba, we salsa on the first 3 beats of each phrase so there is a pause on the 4th. This normally happens when are feet have moved back together. Check out this vid and let me know if it helps!

And this is the forward and back basic. In Zumba we always do it one side and then on the other to make sure the repetitions are equal. That is not the case in normal salsa but that's ok! Again we are moving on the first 3 beats of the music and then we pause on the fourth as our feet move back to the centre.

Zumba Fitness is one of the most fun (and successful) fitness brands ever created. If you haven't tried a class then check out my sesh by clicking here alternatively you can visit to search for a class in your area!

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