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Fancy Footwork - Hype Dance Fit

Street Dance footwork can be hard to perfect.... but when you do you will feel all sparkly inside and will reap the benefits!

Footwork can be tricky... I know this... BUT it is a phenomenal increaser of cardiovascular output... which means we can get a more intense workout from our dance class. It is also a great way to improve your mind to muscle connection, your coordination and your agility. That's a triple whammy right there! 

Things that we have to work a little harder to achieve are more rewarding when we get there. In addition, your body doesn't make new connections (whether muscular or neural) if it can immediately do the task... it doesn't need to. Challenging yourself is a great way to grow both physically and mentally. And Hype footwork is a great way to do both!

If you find your footwork hard and you'd like to get it nailed so you feel like a full time gangster, then check out this footwork ahead of this week's Hype class! See you Tuesday night at 7pm at Reach Academy, Feltham #unleashthediva

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