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AMF Stories - Teresa

I’m Teresa, I’m 42 and here’s my fitness story, at school i didn’t mind p.e although I hated team sports so would never put any effort in therefore never got picked 😊 I would have quite happily spent every lesson a on a trampoline.

From about the age of 19 I’ve always done some of exercise on and off, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve joined various gyms, but I always hated the gym itself, I was always a high impact class type of person....Body Attack, Body Combat, etc, the thought of weights terrified me!! After all, how many females want muscles.... how things changed!! 

Then in 2006 I took on a massive challenge and I signed up to The Moonwalk, the 26.2 walking nighttime marathon. That was then my main exercise, walking. To be honest I thought that made me fit, infact after completing the walk I went on to do it 6 more times, still in and out of gyms, high impact classes and walking is all I needed to do to keep fit right? 

The big turning point and when my real love of exercise started was around 2011/12 Zumba came to a local village and I was in love, the music, the dancing, I bought the dvd’s The clothes, the lot I was addicted! I became friends with my then instructor Hanna Kavanagh (and still am) and she suggested I go to an outdoor 6AM boot camp with her at Bedfont Lakes. So in 2013 I went along, someone called Anna was running it, I remember having to pair up and do 100 burpees between us....I didn’t even know what a burpee was let alone be able to do one, but I survived and went back every morning and loved it.

More early morning boot camps followed in 2013, I was rolling tyres and having rowing machine races at 7.00 in the morning with complete strangers, who I now class as friends. Shortly after, I became a regular at Anna’s classes starting with’s all in the name believe me, since then I think I’ve tried every class that Anna has thrown at us.

AMF is part of my life now, it’s not a chore to exercise as we’re all friends, and it’s as much of a social night out as a work out and i can honestly say from being a non weightlifting human, I think Body Tone is my favourite class apart from HIIT, Booty Blast, Hype and BASSbox of course 😬 and Anna’s classes have also been a big help in me completing 2 London marathons.

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