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Next Start Date: January 2021 


Boost is a bespoke transformation plan designed to teach you what you need to fuel your incredible body. This is not a diet plan nor something that you will forget about as soon as you finish it. You will receive personalised macros and calories and be taught how to eat to fuel yourself for exercise and for a happy, confident life. There are no shakes, no pills and no forbidden foods. We simply learn how much we need, what we need and how we have so much more control and power within us to than worrying about what we eat all the time. 

8 Week Program

Members Price £135.99

What Do You Get


Weekly check-ins and regular video calls with Anna to get you on track and help you to stay there

Personalised macronutrient levels & calories designed to create a flexible yet educated approach to eating well

Tailored home or gym workouts where required to get maximum results and keep muscle tone high

A 40 page guide to nutrition including recipes and information to help you succeed

Software to track your food intake and to tick off your workouts as you do them

Private FB Group with the other Boost members for extra support and camaraderie

Previous Results

Interested? Then read this!

This is the place for committed folks. If you want to buy this to pay lip service to your health and wellness journey, please don't. I want your all. For 8 weeks. Your commitment - to eating well, to drinking less alcohol, to making a change that will last a lifetime. We will find ways to work around your lifestyle and to help you cope with certain situations, but we will not pay £149.99 to do exactly what we have done every day for our life thus far and then say 'nothing works'.

This program is designed to help you respect your body. To make you look at yourself and be grateful that you are fit and healthy and you know how to look after your body. It isn't designed to make you skinny. It's designed to make your feel strong & in control. Mentally and physically. The human body is an incredible piece of machinery... but most of us do not treat it like that. We overlook it, we abuse it and we don't give it the nutrients it needs to last our lifetime. That is why we do Boost, to make magic happen from within and to supercharge the results from our health and fitness journey! Let's do this!

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The next project starts Jan 2021

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