Is Booty Blast for me?


Affectionately known as Bum Club, this is the club for EVERYONE looking to build that booty. Whether you just want it to look perkier or you know you could be using it better when you squat, this class will teach you how to activate your glutes and get them working in day-to-day life as well as when you are training! 

Having weak glutes can mean an increase in lower back pain, so get booked in for this one....... and you won't be disappointed! 


Mob: 07939516081

The details


We are in the front hall at Reach Academy! Enter through the side of the building! 

£4.00 drop-in, £3.25 pre-pay (via the Anna Martin Fitness app on Google Play & the App Store or via the booking link here

(Passes & memberships etc also available)


This class is EASY to follow but a GREAT butt workout! The gang are fun and welcoming so this is a great sesh to get you started...... and to build that booty! 


"My happy place.. motivational.. pumped.. awesome..I could go on and on"

Jo, glute growing queen

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