Mob: 07939516081

A dance fitness workout to all the best in latin & world music!

The Details

Thursday 7:00pm Meadhurst Primary, Ashford, TW15 1LP

Entrance via the driveway onto the playground next to Doris Road

Your first class is completely FREE when you book online!  

10 hour cancellation period on all classes


I'm new to exercise, will this suit me?

As long as you can clap in time to music, you'll get on with Zumba just fine! Take it at your own pace and keep things low for the first couple of weeks and your fitness levels will soon up their game!

Do I need anything?

Just bring a full bottle of water and a sweat towel if you need one and you should be good to go! Normal fitness gear is fine. 


"No matter how bad things have got in the past and when motivation has been low I always have sooooo much fun at Zumba and feel so much better after. Its the great bunch of people definitely and the greatness of Annanana herself that makes it so special and totally epppppiccc every time"

Tanya, a Zumba legend