"Classes for me definitely have a social benefit. Exercising with a great bunch of people motivates me to go each week - I found going to the gym on the machines incredibly boring!"  

  Rachel,  our group exercise queen

Here at AMF we know the most important things about attending our classes are improved fitness levels, becoming stronger, more confident and meeting new friends.

However we also know that occasionally it is nice to check on the scales.

We use bio-impedance scales to calculate your muscle mass & body fat percentage. We are not concerned with your overall weight - what is more interesting is you the composition of your body.

To book a weigh-in simply click on 'Appointments' either on the booking on or on the Mind Body site here and choose your timeslot.

Weigh ins are either with Anna or Kirsty who are both qualified personal trainers.

Cost is £6 (or £5 for members) and slots are for 10 minutes only.

Please ensure you do not eat, drink anything other than water or exercise for 3 hours before your weigh-in. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! If you are planning on attanding a class after please bring a healthy snack for after your weigh in so you do not feel light-headed during class!

I would recommend that you do not weigh in more frequently that once every four weeks and try to book the same time and day everytime :)

All weigh-ins take place at Reach Academy Feltham.

Mon & Weds - Sports Hall

Tues & Thurs - Front Hall


"Doing 'The Challenge' with Anna has changed my whole outlook on food and exercise. I have gone from a crisp eating, wine drinking takeaway queen to someone who now thinks about the things I eat and drink, and the way I treat my body. I've gone from a size 16 to 14 in six weeks and feel so much more confident, fitter and healthier. You get regular advise from Anna plus the support and tips from 20+ other ladies all aiming for the same thing 'a better lifestyle and physique'. The added bonus is that Anna's classes are always fun and the people are great so going to classes never feels like a chore. I can't wait to start the next challenge and hopefully getting down to a size 12 again, something before finding AMF I was struggling to do"

Natasha, Queen of the Challenge

Weigh-ins @ Reach Academy

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