Is STRONG for me?

STRONG is a sweaty one! It might be produced by Zumba but it is NOT a dance fitness class! Expect lots of dynamic movements that you would normally expect in a HIIT class but without the 'high' intensity tag.

STRONG is reverse engineered so the music is created around the choreography by Timbaland (yes I know right!!)

It is great fun, an awesome all over body workout to some seriously good tunes (with some latin flavour!) and it caters for most fitness level. Each move is layered week on week so we get to know both the choreography (no dance choreo dont worry!) and everyone can work out at their own level!

Mob: 07939516081

The Details

Tuesday nights at Reach Academy, High Street, Feltham, TW13 4HU (School Hall)

7:30-8:30pm, £8 drop-in, £6.50 pre-pay (via the Anna Martin Fitness app on Google Play & the App Store or via the booking link here

(Passes & bundles etc also available)


The Feltham crew are a fab gang and this class really is suitable for most fitness levels as each move progresses throughout the choreography! There is NO dancing so please do not coming expecting a Zumba class!



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