Reviews - find out what the crew think of the classes!

"Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening, I leave Reach Academy Bouncing and Buzzing!!!
After 1 ½ or 2 ½ hours of hard work, I still have the energy to walk (skip or mince) home not because I haven’t worked out hard enough, but because all of you, my AMF family, have enthused me and pumped me up!!
Everybody working so hard makes me want to work harder. The kind words, the cheeky jokes, the knowing nods and smiles of encouragement that are shared around the room are enough to get me high 
A year ago I would not entertain the idea of working out but now, missing a class is like missing a family get together.
Thanks for being so dammed nice all of you. Anna, Kirsty, Pam and Hatty, You guys are fricking amazing and I am just in awe of you all. No matter what, you are there, all in, smiling and oozing with passion and enthusiasm for getting sweaty. Just what I need!"

Eddie, a Bum Club legend!

"Amazing, inspiring instructor, amazing classes, my amazing fit family! I love that we encourage each other, I love that Anna pushes us when she knows we can dig a bit deeper. I love we can have a laugh whilst we are working hard, this is part of my life that I wouldn't be without now!"

Lynne, Queen of the triple!

"After something like 7 years of coming to your classes, I can truly say, my life would not be the same without my dance fix every week and now the torturing bum class which is so much fun!! 
No matter how tired you feel, you can’t ignore the amazing buzz you get when you come out of your classes. 
You make it all so much fun and I never stop talking to friends and colleagues about AMF!! (Their loss for not joining when I keep insisting!!). 
Now my arm is fully recovered, I am going to try Body Tone from September💪. 
You are a true legend 
Anna and THANK YOU!"

Catherine, dance floor diva

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