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A bodyweight resistance workout set to house & trance anthems!

Think old-school LBT but with an Ibiza vibe!

The Details

COMING SOON - Thursday 6:30pm, Meadhurst Primary, Ashford, TW15 1LP

Entrance via the driveway onto the playground next to Doris Road

Your first class is completely FREE when you book online!  

10 hour cancellation period on all classes


Will I be able to follow it?

Rave Tone is set to music so as long as you have a rough understanding of rhythm you will be fine! We do the same 'edition' for 8-12 weeks so you will get to know the choreography really well! 

Do I need anything?

No! Just yourself wearing some fitness gear. If you need a sweat towel, bring one of those and a bottle of water, simple! 


I love Rave Tone! It is a great workout and is adaptable to all fitness levels which helps you move on to the next stage at your own pace too. Once it's finished you've not only had a great workout but you have had fun whilst doing so.

Kayleigh, an AMF superhero