How To: Sort Your Sh*t Out & Start Working Out

I know, you want to put it off for another week so you start on a day when you feel fresh and amazing/have already lost 7 kilos/have had time to go food shopping so everything starts on the same day etc etc I have been there and I have done it many many many times! We are constantly waiting for another Monday to come, another chance to start a clean slate... apart from we never quite take it!

In the politest way possible, I call bullsh*t. It is just putting it off for another week and finding an excuse to make it feel a little bit better. If you love your life exactly the way it is and you never want to feel fitter and healthier than you do now, then that's all good. This blog article isn't for you. But if you're sitting there in this never ending cycle of feeling down in the dumps because you're tired, lethargic, feeling guilty because you used to be fit and you're not now, then this is for you.

Noone starts a fitness journey because they feel like a superhuman ninja every day. Folks feel like a ninja BECAUSE they started the fitness journey. Noone walked into their first ever workout, feeling proud as they walk through the door, smashed it up and even had the energy for a quick jog on the way home. They blew out their ass, felt a bit sick half way through and wondered why the hell they came but REALLY frigging proud when they finished and managed to hang on in there!

Your PT/ coach/ instructor doesn't see a new name on the list and expect you come to come in doing backflips. We've got you - we know you're nervous, we know you'll probably have skipped lunch because you're on a fitness bender and therefore feel dizzy and need a sit down half way through. We've been doing this for years, we expect it! We're just excited you booked in!

The best thing you can do is start. Right now and right here today. It doesn't matter whether it's a walk on your lunch break, 15 minutes of yoga when you finish or a full on workout. Anything that you do today that you didn't do yesterday is the first day of a new journey. Then basically rinse and repeat. You have got this.

The first thing we have to let go of is making excuses for ourself. I have absolutely been where you are now. I wouldn't start working out on a Wednesday, I'd wait until the following Monday. If I had a pizza on a Tuesday, I'd just write-off the rest of the week.

The thing is, being fit and healthy isn't an 'either/or' situation. It's about balance. Fit people eat pizza too. They just don't feel guilty because they know it's possible to be fit and eat tasty food at the same time!

Stop putting it off. Choose what you are doing today that is going to make you feel like a ninja and get on it! Your body needs you!!! I know you can do it - I have faith in you and your incredible body!!! Let's go!! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

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