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Eating for fitness

It is no secret that getting the physique of our dreams is just as much about eating as it is about getting fit. The thing is, most people find it REALLY difficult to know where to start... and that is TOTALLY understandable. Since the diet industry was first born, we have been told over and over again that in order to lose weight we must eat less calories than we need. And yep that's true, but the era of starving ourselves on 900 kcal a day is well and truly over. And thank goodness for that!

Here are some simple ways that you can tidy up your diet and eat what your body needs and at the right time:

1. Are you about to work out or have you just finished a workout?

Then eat carbs and protein. Carbs come in many forms... veggies, fruits and the solid stuff... like bread, pasta, potatoes and rice. All do good jobs but veggies and fruit have more extra magic in them, like vitamins and shit. So slide more veg in there... and then use the denser carbs for when you need to pack more power... like when you've got 2 classes, a 5k walk and an argument with your boss to have 😂

2. Are you trying to make a physique change?

Trying to lose weight or get more toned? Then eat more protein. And when I say more, I mean, at every meal.... and possibly with snacks as well. Protein doesn't have to mean dry chicken - there are a million ways to consume more protein... from animal sources, from vegetarian sources and vegan ones. You just need to sit down and work it out.... protein doesn't magically just pop out of thin air. You need to prepare when and how you are going to slide it in! Eating more protein salvages your muscle if you are trying to lose weight AND is the building block for more muscle if you are trying to get a bit more shape in your life!

3. Do you have several hours before you are going to train?

Then eat more fats than carbs. Our body needs fats to function and it prefers carbs around exercise, so that means we need to fit in our fats elsewhere. So it's better to eat them away from your training sesh.... probably throughout the morning and maybe lunchtime depending on when you are about to workout! Sources of protein can also be high in fat so that's a great way to get your healthy fats in your diet - think oily fish, eggs etc.

4. Do you want to live for a long time and feel magical while you do it?

Then drink more water and eat more fruit and veg. I know that's boring, I just felt you all sigh, but that is what your body was made to consume. It wasn't made for processed ready meals and takeaways. It's a piece of natural magic and it should be fuelled like one. The less crap you eat, the less you will want it. Teach yourself about nutrition and what each thing you are eating has in it vitamin and mineral wise, notice how little there is in a Pot Noodle (apart from salt). Being aware of what you are eating is a sure fire way to help with making better choices.

There are no magical shortcuts when it comes to nutrition.... and if you try to take them, you will soon find out that it's a dead end. Most quick fixes do not have an exit strategy.... 1 meal and a day and 2 shakes? Are you going to live on that for the rest of your life? Because you will know no more about nutrition when you finish, than you did on the day you started. Enjoy learning new things about food and getting back to our roots. After all, the foods we consume are the building blocks of our body.... and I for one know what I'd rather be made from, and it's not a cheeseburger and fries 🤷🏼‍♀️

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