All of the online classes are designed so that you can do them from the comfort of your living room, kitchen or garden! The classes and schedule will change weekly so that you have some fun and variation to look forward to! 

Check out some of the classes we have done so far! 

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Lift weights from the comfort of your own home! Experience lifting weights required, please only book this if you are an experienced lifter. Must have home weights and a hip loop band.  

Booty Blast-Logo-01.jpg

A class about the butt! Learn how to activate your glutes, decrease your risk of lower back pain, get more bang for your buck when you squat AND get a perkier derriere! Win win! A hip loop resistance band will help you get maximum results!


A toning and stretch class designed to improve core control, balance, mobility and to rest and recharge your mind! 

A High Intensity workout designed to get you in peak cv condition quickly! Not for the faint hearted! We work hard and fast, but it's over very quickly! Perfect for those who want to step it up a gear! No equipment required.


A dance fit class like you have never experienced one before - create one long easy-to-follow routine to some epic EDM and house music! Let's do this! 


To some seriously banging tracks you will experience all the buzz of your favourite dance fitness workouts in this epic sweat sesh!! 


This 30 minute abs sesh needs no introduction! Come and work your core muscles and get your in-lockdown 6 pack sorted lollll!

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