newbiesNot sure where to start? 

Brand new to exercise?

First off, find something that you think sounds like FUN! Lot's of people find it hard to get into a routine with their exercise and you are infinitely more likely to create a new habit if you do something that you LOVE! Book in and make it a rule that you cannot cancel.... secondly no-one likes to lose money (and I have a 10 hour cancellation policy) so that should help you to stay on track to attend that class! When you arrive, introduce yourself to some people, you're also more likely to stick to your new routine if you have some people that you can chat to! The people that come to my class are so friendly and they will make you feel welcome! 

Got into a routine? Have exercised before & want to make a change?

Then I would recommend that you do a minimum of 3 classes a week - some cardio and some resistance training. Resistance is when you move a load.... so it could be bodyweight, or it could be weights.... check out Body Tone & Rave Tone! Having more muscle tone will improve your metabolism (the amount of calories that you burn at rest  - bonus!) and will also improve your strength and posture. Cardio is great for your heart and lungs..... add in a few more lunchtime walks and making an effort to keep moving during your day (offering to make the teas and coffees, walking the long way to the water cooler etc) and you are on to a winner! 

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