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Join the first ever Anna Martin Fitness Members' Area! It's simple, sign-up, set up your standing order and you will have access to


  • recipes,

  • at home and gym workouts,

  • illustration videos of all exercises

  • the AMF chatroom and weekly scheduled chats with Anna and the rest of the crew

  • peer support via our private Facebook group!

The rules are simple:


1. Any discussion or sale of any MLM products or meal replacement shakes is banned and you will blocked from the site immeadiately should you attempt to promote or sell these products in any way.

Whilst I do not personally take any protein shakes/supplements you are more than welcome to discuss these, each to their own!

2. Be nice! We are here to be supportive to one another! If you haven't got anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Everyone is different and we like that!

3. Do not reproduce, distribute or share any information shared within this area. Please remember it has cost me thousands of pounds to become qualified enough to share this information with you all, this is my living (and no this isn't a part-time hobby, dance and fitness are the only things that pay my mortgage!) and whilst I am more than happy to help out where I can, I am no millionaire and definitely cannot afford to work for free!


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