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This is just a little place so you all know who you are talking to! You don't have to create a profile if you don't want to and you can include any details you want to - they don't have to be the same as anyone elses. It's just nice for all the members to know who they can go to if they need a chat or some advice. I'm more than happy to field as many questions as you have, but sometimes it's nice to hear it from someone who has been through the same experiences as you :)

Anna M


Job: Group Exercise & Dance Instructor, Personal Trainer

Stuff about me: Luckily for me Mum used to drag me running when I was a chubby teenager and when I went to uni I fell in love with the free gym membership we were all given!

Random info.... I have a degree in Spanish, I have scoliosis (a spinal deformity where it grows like an S shape) and I love cheese. So much.

I am not one of life's natural cooks but I am trying hard to improve so I can keep my diet interesting and varied! Bring on some slow cooker action lol!


Pam M


Job: Retired from Teaching Profession

Hobbies: Guitar playing, sport and exercise, reading, walking, running, family time, listening to music, knitting for my grandsons.

Health history: Breast cancer in 2008, hypothyroidism

As a pensioner I now have time to participate in all the exercise classes and gym workouts that I want to. Feeling fit and well is a high priority in my life. I love socialising with the workout crew and as well as increasing our stamina and fitness levels we have a good laugh.I know Anna’s my daughter, but I can honestly say being a part of her team has inspired me to achieve more than I ever dreamed of.


Hatty C

Age: 27

Job: Primary Teacher

Things that make me happy: Wine, cheese, laughter, sunshine, exercise, my family and friends, scented candles, houmous, hearts, shopping, watching musicals and wearing my onesie!

Definitely second Pam...continually inspired and motivated as part of the AMF crew and have never met such a lovely and supportive group of people to workout with. I’ve seen changes in my body that I never thought were possible and am totally addicted to fitness and a healthy lifestyle!

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