Set yourself a goal for the month of March! Choose from the following categories, DM me your personal challenge, if you are doing it for charity and if so which and I will post it below! This is a BINDING CONTRACT 😂 and I will be asking for video evidence!! Let's do this! 



CYDNEY - all Clubbercise classes in March

KAY - 3 fitness classes per week

AMANDA - attend all classes

DINESHA- 3 fitness classes per week

IRINA - 2 home workouts per week

LISA P - 4 classes per week & try Zumba!


MARLENE - full ROM 50kg squat x 8 reps

ANNA M - full ROM bodyweight squat (64kg)

ANNA M - full ROM bodyweight squat (64kg)

EDDIE - 60kg shoulder press

LISA - complete the Plank Challenge up to 2 mins + 5 full body press-ups



CAIT - no alcohol on weekdays

5 mins mindfulness every day

ANNA M - walk around Bedfont Lakes every day that the sun is out & stretch daily

SAMI - 15,000 steps a day

TANYA - complete the Plank Challenge up to 2 mins + 5 full body press-ups

CAIT - 34kg bench press for 8 reps

TRACEY B - 10 double leg V-sits

HATTY C - foam roller every day

AMANDA - stick to macros

TONIA - daily yoga

SHARON - foam roller every day

IRINA - foam roller & meditate 5 mins every day

KAYLEIGH - 5 reps of a 50kg squat

GILLIAN - to do a full burpee & a full 


TONIA - 10 x sit-ups

CATHERINE - 10 x sit-ups & bike every day that  there's no class

MICHELLE H - twice a week yoga

PAM - foam roller x3 per week

LISA S & MONICA - to not give birth in my class 😳

CLAIRE M - no chocolate + food tracking

ROHINI - do 10,000 steps twice per week

CYDNEY - 5 days a week of 10,000 steps

LYNNE - complete the Plank Challenge

TRICIA - travelling press-up!

TERESA D - 15 mins abs x5 times per week & 10,000 steps a day

SHARON - 5x full ROM pistol squats each leg

ANNA O - 8 reps of 25kg shoulder press

RACHEL B - 85kg hip thrust x10

AMANDA - 100kg hip thrust x6

IRINA - 15kg 21s bicep curls

MICHELLE H - full body tricep press-up

CLAIRE M - 10 mins on rower x3 per week

PAM - 10 min abs sesh x5 per week

LISA P - 10 full press-ups & 2 minute plank

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