Home workouts

Maybe you don't have a gym membership, you HATE the gym, need a workout to do while the kids are in bed or you just want some simple 'At Home' workouts to do to compliment you current workouts. Whatever the reason, here are some workouts you can perform at home, in the garden or in the park.

I have included some workouts with equipment - some of us love a fitness gadget for Christmas, so make use of those you have with some of the workouts below. Download the workouts and then look up the exercises in the video library and you are good to go. If you need an alternative exercise because something doesn't feel comfortable then just let me know! Similarly, if you get a funky piece of kit for Christmas and you have no idea what to do with it then message me and I'll create some fun workouts for that piece of equipment!


Most importantly, don't forget, I haven't met you, I don't know what feels good and what doesn't. You should feel like your muscles are working and some post-workout discomfort is normal (and especially after the first sesh you might feel a little bit like you've been beaten with a large stick) but you should never feel actually PAIN! You know your body so listen to it! If in doubt, LEAVE IT OUT!


Remember you should ALWAYS warm-up and cool down before and after your workout. Then you can stretch. Never ever stretch when you are cold - always warm-up first!

Bodyweight only

Kettlebell workouts

Suspension Trainer workouts

Fit Ball workouts

Dumbell workouts

Boxing workouts

Sets and Reps = A 'Rep' is a repetition. So it is one complete movement eg. one bicep curl. A set is a group of reps. So you may perform 3 sets of 12 reps of one exercise in your workout.


Superset = 2 different exercises back to back with no rest. So you might do 12 squats immediately followed by 12 lunges and then rest. The best way to do this is to work opposing muscle groups eg. bicep then triceps, or quads then hamstrings.


Accumulator = You have a list of exercises, you work down the list.... Exercise One, then you rest, then you do Exercise One & Two, then rest, then Exercise One, Two then Three, then rest etc etc. When you get to the top then you come back down the otherside. So Exercise 8, then rest, then Exercise 8 & 7, then rest etc etc.


Tri-Sets = 3 exercises back to back with no rest. Eg. 12 Lunges, 12 Squats, 12 Pelvic Bridge, then rest.


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