Gym workouts

If you have a gym membership then this is the area for you! You might be lucky and you may have a gym where they are all too willing to give you new programmes all the time, and that's fab. Make use of the helpful staff and your gym inductions and re-programmes whenever you can. However some gyms do not have staff on duty at all times, and (I know this because I've worked in them) are told not to give you amazing programmes because they want you to sign up for personal training. So if you don't happen to be a millionaire but you still want to get a good and varied workout then this is the page for you. Download the workouts and then look up the exercises in the video library and you are good to go. If you are concerned that you cannot perform the exercises as shown then see a member of staff at your gym and ask them to show you the correct way of performing the exercises or an alternative movement.


Most importantly, don't forget, I haven't met you, I don't know what feels good and what doesn't. You should feel like your muscles are working and some post-workout discomfort is normal (and especially after the first sesh you might feel a little bit like you've been beaten with a large stick) but you should never feel actually PAIN! You know your body so listen to it! If in doubt, LEAVE IT OUT!

Beginners workouts

These workouts are designed for those of you who are relatively new to exercise, only intend to go to the gym once or twice a week and do not already do a minimum of three cardiovascular sessions per week.

Intermediate & advanced workouts

These workouts are designed for those of you who are going to the gym various times per week, may need to pay more attention to specific body parts and need to split resistance training from cardiovascular training.

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