It can be tough to choose your first class! My advice is always to start with something that sounds like fun! After you have got used to exercising regularly you can start to add in things that are more effective and will help you achieve your goals. 

If you have been exercising a while and you are looking to boost your results, I would recommend trying a combination of cardiovascular classes for general health and wellness as well as resistance classes to improve tone, strength and physique. Not sure what resistance classes are? Well then head over to my blog and give this article a read! 

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Monday 7pm

Wednesday 6:30pm

Reach Academy, Feltham

Learn how to lift weights, tone up at the same time AND leave with the knowledge you need to weight train ANYWHERE! 

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Tuesday 6:30pm

Reach Academy, Feltham

A class about the butt! Learn how to activate your glutes, decrease your risk of lower back pain, get more bang for your buck when you squat AND get a perkier derriere! Win win!

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Meadhurst Primary, Ashford

A bodyweight resistance class set to the best in house and trance anthems. A modern spin on the traditional Legs Bums and Tums class!

Monday 6:30pm

Reach Academy, Feltham

A High Intensity workout designed to get you in peak cv condition quickly! Not for the faint hearted! We work hard and fast, but it's over very quickly! Perfect for those who want to step it up a gear!

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Tuesday 7pm

Reach Academy, Feltham

A street dance fitness class designed for those with a little dance fitness experience! Learn real dance moves to the best tunes!


Thursday 7:00pm

Meadhurst Primary, Ashford

The world famous latin dance fitness class is a favourite on any timetable! Easy to follow and mega fun! 


Monday 8:00pm

Reach Academy, Feltham

More like a night out than a workout! An easy to follow dance fitness class with glow sticks, all in a darkened room! Who could ask for more!


Wednesday 7:30pm

Reach Academy, Feltham

padwork based class to garage, drum n bass & jungle! No pads and gloves (or partner!) required!

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