Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class starts so you can warm-up! All 5 Wednesday night classes run back to back for our fitness marathon so your warm-up will be just before the class!

Every Wednesday (sports hall)

Reach Academy, Feltham High Street, TW13 4AB



£4 drop-in, £3.25 pre-pay (via the Anna Martin Fitness app on Google Play & the App Store or via the booking link


(Passes & bundles etc also available)

The details

Mob: 07939516081

Is Bootcamp for me?

It is a sweaty one but it is nowhere near as sweaty as HIIT! It's mainly focussed around fitness 'games'.... I don't want to make them sound more fun than they are but they could definitely be worse ha!

Noone in this class is an athlete so as long as you are down for a little hard work then you will get along just fine!

It's kind of fun, the gang are a blast and it's only 30 minutes! What could possibly go wrong! 

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