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Learn how to lift with good technique, to feel stronger and create the physique of your dreams

The Details

Mondays 7:00pm Wednesdays 6:30pm

 Reach Academy, Feltham High Street, TW13 4AB

You first class is completely FREE when you book online!  

10 hour cancellation period on all classes


Do I need to bring anything?

Nope! I have all the weights and mats here, all you need is some fitness gear and a bottle of water.

Is it suitable for beginners?

If you haven't done any exercise for 15 years it's probably not the best class to start with, but if you already have a rough idea of what a press-up and a squat is then this is definitely the class to get involved it! We actually learn in this class. Everyone walks away with transferable skills that they can use in any exercise context. Above all, THIS class is the one that will get you visible results, resistance training is the key to making lifelong physique changes, to help you feel stronger and more in control of your fitness journey!



I came for the music and stayed for the family 😁 because that is what you have all become now, my Fitness Family. If we are all getting soppy, I love you guys all so much.... you are there for me when I want to laugh, you are there for me so I don’t want to cry. I only joined 2 years ago but now can’t imagine fitness without you guys being a part of it. Physically I have changed and I no longer get out of breath going upstairs at home😁 but my biggest change has been mental - I no longer despise looking in the mirror as thanks to you all my attitude to Me had changed. Thank you Anna for showing me the light and thank you AMF Crew for fuelling it and helping it grow in me.

Eddie, a Body Tone legend