Beginners Fitness Sesh

Mob: 07939516081

If you are new to exercise, haven't done any in a while or simply are used to doing dance fitness classes but want to add in something a little different then this is the class for you.

All the fundamental fitness exercises will be covered - squats, lunges, mat exercises etc in detail with lots of tips of technique to make sure you feel confident and safe.

Dance fitness classes often contain some of the standing moves covered here so this is a great way to get a better understanding so you can get the most out of other classes too.

You will train in a different way each week but covering total body on every session.

We aim to make you feel more confident, successful and more knowledgeable with home workouts to keep you ticking over until the next week!

Is this class for me?

The Details

Starting 7th September - Wednesday for 4 weeks (Sports Hall)


Reach Academy, High Street, Feltham, TW13 4HU


£28 drop-in, £20.00 pre-pay (via the Anna Martin Fitness app on Google Play & the App Store or via the booking link

here. Please go to Enrollments for this rather than Classes as this is a short course :)






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